"Dəstək" Project: Supporting Families of Veterans and Martyrs

Purpose and Description
The "Dəstək" project is a joint social initiative by BMG International and the YAŞAT Foundation aimed at enhancing the social and economic integration of families of veterans and martyrs. Initiated with the support of entrepreneur Orxan Məmmədzadə, the project's primary objective is to provide free education, internship programs, and employment opportunities to its participants.

Registration Process
Family members of veterans and martyrs interested in joining the project can easily register through the registration section on our website. The registration form is designed to collect participants' personal information and their educational and professional aspirations. Once registered, participants will have the opportunity to access various benefits offered by the project.

Activities and Events

  1. Educational Programs: We offer free educational opportunities in various fields.
  2. Internship and Training Opportunities: Participants can gain practical experience in real-world work environments.
  3. Employment Creation: Permanent job offers are extended to participants who successfully complete the educational programs.

Current Status and Participants
BMG International has already provided free education to several family members of veterans and martyrs, and many entrepreneurs have joined us in this initiative.

Call to Action and Invitation
We at BMG International invite all entrepreneurs to join the "Dəstək" project and share in this significant social responsibility. By participating, you can contribute to positive changes in the lives of veterans and martyrs' families, helping them achieve greater social and economic independence.

Please pay attention to the following when filling out the registration form:

  • Name and Surname: Should be that of the person filling out the form.

  • Date of Birth: Must match the date listed on your identification document.

  • Family Status: When selecting, the relevant document must be provided. We accept documents in PDF and Image (jpeg, png) formats.

  • Address Section: Write the address where you are officially registered.

Application form