Accomplished Accountant

     Accomplished Accountant is a unique training platform designed and developed by Orkhan Mammadzade.

With its unique teaching method Accomplished Accountant is the first and only training program that shows excellent results in the training of experienced personnel, along with teaching all the necessary knowledge to work as an accountant in the shortest period of time.

The name of the Platform, training program ant the methodology are protected by the Intellectual Property Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The author of Accomplished Accountant is Orkhan Mammadzade and he holds the copyright on it.

The Platform is comprised of several key modules, namely Tax Reporting, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting and 1C (most popular accounting software in Azerbaijan).

The aim of the Platform is to provide students with necessary theoretical and practical skills that will enable them to develop into specialists in the fields of finance and accounting. A distinctive feature of the Platform is that no prior knowledge or relevant work experience are required to join the training. Graduates of the Platform are provided with employment opportunities and assistance to build a successful career and become the leading professionals in the financial field.


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